Christian School in Somerset, KY

At Somerset Christian School, we are committed to providing every students with what they need to succeed. Since 2002, our team of educators has worked to build sense of community and trust within our school. We are dedicated to providing our students with a well-rounded, engaging educational experience.

Our School

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Somerset Christian School (SCS) offers preschool classes for children 2-4 years of age. As opposed to many child day-care programs, SCS Preschool is very academic based. Children are taught through a phonetic approach to reading. The children learn to read and write both manuscript and cursive handwriting. Many graduates of the 4-year old program are reading simple materials at the end of the school year. This does not mean that preschool children sit in desks all day working with pencil and paper. The children have very active days in the classroom rotating through multiple learning and play centers. They also travel to our gymnasium each day for physical education classes, participate in multiple recess opportunities, and visit our library each week to check out books.Elementary school classes are self-contained for Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Self-contained simply means one teacher has the students for all academic classes including reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, science, social studies, and Bible. The children learn to work with other staff members in our “specials”. Specials include physical education every day, music and technology twice per week, art and library once per week. Elementary classes have a supervised recess each day also. Elementary students have the opportunity to join the Elementary Academic Team and compete with other schools in the area. Athletics are limited to physical education classes where skills needed for our sports teams are taught and intramural sports. Teams from our school do participate in local public sports programs.

With the transition from 5th grade to middle school, students benefit from having a team of teachers specialized in academic disciplines. Students in grades 6-8 comprise the middle school students at Somerset Christian School. Middle school students rotate through an 8 period class schedule. Academic classes include Bible, Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies and are taught each day. Algebra I is offered in 8th grade as part of our rigorous class schedule and leads to Calculus or college dual-credit math as a high school Senior. We offer 2 shorter class periods for “special” and elective classes. Students rotate through art, music, physical education, and technology in nine-week classes for 30 minutes per day. Students then have the opportunity to select a class from the 4 Specials as an elective class for 30 minutes per day. Elective classes can change every 9 weeks or students can select the same elective class all year with the exception of physical education. Physical education cannot be the elective during the 9 weeks the student has the class as a special.Middle school students have opportunities to become more involved in school through the Middle School Academic Team, FCA, and sports including Cross Country, Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. Middle school students attend Chapel each week. As part of our leadership program, each class is responsible for planning Chapel sessions on a rotating basis.

Our middle school staff is a devoted group of Christian educators with excellent credentials and a wealth of teaching experience. They are teachers who care about each student as an individual and work with the student to insure success.

Somerset Christian School has distinguished itself with an excellent high school program. Graduates of the school attend The United States Air Force Academy, The United States Naval Academy, Belmont University, Hillsdale College, Villanova University, the Honors Colleges at Western Kentucky University and Eastern Kentucky University, and many other colleges. The success of our graduates in being accepted by these prestigious institutions validates the quality of the educational experience of our students. To assist students in college planning, we take students on 5 college visits prior to graduation and have representatives from the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority meet with the students multiple times between grades 9 and 12 to discuss collage applications and how to finance a college education. Our students have received millions of dollars in scholarship offers. We have a 100% graduation rate and the average ACT Score for 2016 was 24.2.High school students complete 28 credits. Our graduation requirements are more stringent than the requirements of most high schools. There are 7 class periods each day with 4 credits required in each discipline: Bible, English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Students who wish to complete more rigorous coursework have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement classes as well as College Dual-Credit Class taught by our competent staff. In addition, students are required to complete 2 credits of Spanish, a credit of Heath and Physical Education, and a credit of Arts and Humanities. Other credits are earned from the menu of elective class offerings. Daily Bible classes, weekly Chapel sessions organized and led by students, and curricula enriched with a Christian Worldview help our students to be prepared to face the world after graduation.

There are many opportunities for students to become involved and involvement is required. Students must complete 135 hours of community service and a mission activity between 7th grade and Graduation. Clubs include FCA, National Honor Society, UNITE Club, PRIDE Club, P-31 Club, Chess Club, Student Government Association, Kentucky Youth Assembly, Kentucky United Nations Assembly, and Governor’s Cup Competition with our Academic Team. Our athletic program includes offerings in Archery, Baseball, Boys’ or Girls’ Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Fishing, Golf, Boys’ or Girls’ Soccer, and Volleyball.

High school staff members are certified in Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish, and other areas. Each staff member is a professing Christian and takes a personal interest in the students and preparing them for success.

Academic Programs:

Computer Instruction
Music Classes
Drama Club & Performances
Dual-credit Courses
Advanced Placement Classes
Multiple out-of-class Academic Programs

Our programs and services include:


At SCS, we strive to find that balance between standardized resources, and personalized success. To do that, every student is enrolled in a “Pre-college Curriculum.” To start, this means they complete 4 credits in each of the following fields: Bible, Math, Science, Social Studies, English.

Students are also required to earn 2 credits in:Spanish and 1 credit each in Physical Education & Health, Arts & Humanities, and at 4 electives.

Advanced Placement courses are graded on a weighted, 5-point scale. AP’s are available in the following fields: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, US History, and World History.

Students can also explore dual-credit classes that allow them to earn credits for colleges. These courses are available both onsite and online and are graded on a weighted grading scale.

Student Futures — 2017

Our graduating class this year is made up of 16 stellar students—all of whom plan to enroll in college.
3 of these students have composite ACT scores of 30 or higher.
One student has already completed 33 hours of dual-credit college courses.
The class average on the 2016 Terra Nova 3 exam was 89%
The soccer team took home its 6th consecutive KCAA State Championship Award.

Student Futures — 2016

20 of our 23 graduates went on to enroll in 4-year higher-learning institutions. Some of their chosen schools are represented below. The remaining three students have been admitted into the US Naval Academy, the Air Force, and the US Navy’s nuclear engineering division.
Villanova University, Bellarmine University, Hillsdale College, the Honors College at Western Kentucky University.
7 students of the 2016 class left SCS with 4.0 GPA’s or higher.
6 students had composite ACT scores of 30 or higher.
75% of our AP students scored a 3 or higher on their exams.