Last Call on Washington DC trip – deposit due tomorrow

Somerset Christian School

When we closed for sickness, it really messed up my timeline for the trip to
Washington, D.C.  I have ended up extending the deadline for the deposit
several times.  I do not want to exclude any students that may want to go.

Right now, we have 12 students and possibly nine parents.  If anyone is still
interested in signing up, I must have the deposit and the information
sheet by tomorrow, February 28th.  There are only a couple of spots left
for students.  At this point, I have plenty of chaperones.
(Boyd, Golden, Hodges, Keith, Ritchey, Mayne, and Kessler)
(possibly Daniels and Dodson??)

I am attaching the original information sheet.  Disregard the
deadlines.  It has to be turned in with the deposit tomorrow.


(606) 802-6232

2017-02-27-12-13-16_Washington DC


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