Flood Relief needed for Bethany Christian School

Somerset Christian School


Bethany Christian School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was hard hit by the recent flooding.  If you read the messages below, you will get a picture of the
devastation.  We are connected to the school by our accrediting
organization, the International Christian Accrediting Association.
If you would like to send in a donation to help them with repairs, we will
collect money in homerooms each morning until Friday and send them a check next week.
Thank You,
John Hale
From: Donald Peal [mailto:donpeal@oru.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 11:31 AM

To: Subject: Bethany Christian School – Flooding of School!!


Dear ORUEF/ICAA Educators,

As you know, the Baton Rouge area has recently been devastated by extensive flooding.  Some places received 31 inches of rain within 15 hours.  The devastation is widespread.  Bethany Christian School is a long-time ORUEF/ICAA member school in Baton Rouge.  The school, Bethany World Prayer Center (the school’s sponsoring church), school staff, and school families have experienced major loss due to flooding.  Unfortunately, families and organizations in Baton Rouge have been advised for many years that flood insurance was not needed.  Therefore, many of those affected by the flooding, including Bethany, had no flood insurance. In Bethany’s case, the loss has been extensive and devastating.  All their first-floor classrooms at their Baker campus, the gym, the chapel, and the church auditorium had flood waters 3-4 feet deep inside the buildings.  I asked Carolyn DeSalvo to describe some of the results of the flood.  In her words…

The flood was devastating.  We lost approximately 250 student desks, all of
our Chromebooks and iPads, all but three of our Smartboards, and the majority
of our desktop computers.  All elementary textbooks, curriculum, and
supplies had to be thrown out along with many of our textbooks for our junior
high.  The office was completely destroyed so we have lost all of our
office desktop computers and furniture.  Everything we had in storage had
to thrown out including our learning centers for our lower grades.
Finally, the majority of our athletic equipment was destroyed.

The damage to the building is extensive.  Of course, the wood floor in the gym
had to be ripped out along with three – four feet of sheet rock on the lower
level.  The list just goes on.
We will need student desks, Chromebooks, and books (we have asked BJU to considered a discount if not a donation of what will be needed).  Any schools wishing to help, we could definitely use any furniture such as desks they don’t need including teachers’ desk, along with bookcases (we lost our entire library
including brand new shelves – it really looked nice too), file cabinets,

Any donations would be used to replace the technology that was lost along with
buying curriculum if BJU doesn’t come through with help.  I will keep you
posted about the secondary.  I appreciate the prayers for everyone
impacted by this devastation.  Many of our staff members are dealing with
flooding in their own homes; some have lost everything.

Finally, any schools / individuals willing to help with labor, there is still much
demolition to do all over Baton Rouge and at BCS.   They can go to Bethany
Church if they wish to help in the area or contact Susan Bickman (see email
below) if they want to help at BCS.

Anyone wishing to help / to donate / etc. should contact susan.bickham@mybcsmail.com.

Thank you again for your prayers,  I refuse to believe that after all the school has goon through that we will be defeated by a flood. God is not done with BCS!

As you can see, Bethany has experienced a terrible loss through the flood, and this was right before school was scheduled to begin.  I know many of you, either personally or through your own school and/or church, are involved in relief efforts to the Baton Rouge area.  Bethany is one of our own, and I felt many of you would want to know about their loss.  I strongly encourage you to consider ways you might donate materials, supplies, furniture, money, time/labor, etc. to assist Bethany to recover from the effects of the flooding.  Also, and most importantly, please pray for the school staff, school families, and the school ministry itself.

Thank you for your help and support.  We are always much stronger together and you all are always willing to sacrificially of your time and efforts to support each other.



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