SCS Bad Weather Closing Information

Somerset Christian School




In the event of bad weather or other emergencies, it may be necessary from time to time to call off school or dismiss early.  If it is necessary to call off school, we will try to make a decision as early as possible to give you ample time to plan.   However, sometimes it is difficult to predict the weather and last minute decisions have to be made.  If weather deteriorates during the day or seriously bad weather is predicted and imminent, school may be dismissed early.

School closings will be announced by e-mail, text, telephone, on Lexington television channels 18, 27, and 36 as well as Clear Channel Radio Stations:

AM Radio Stations – 910, 1240, and 1480

FM Radio Stations – 97.1, 93.9, 102.3 and 106.1

Early dismissal will be announced by radio, e-mail, text, and, when possible, by phone.  Student-drivers may be released earlier than other students to get them home ahead of bad weather.  The student-drivers will need to call for permission from parents to be dismissed early or parents may call and request an early dismissal if bad weather is imminent.

We serve a large geographic area.  The weather where you live may be different than the weather around our school.  Always use your own best judgment in deciding whether to get out in bad weather or not, even if we do not close school.  The same is true for early dismissal.  If you are concerned that the weather where you live is causing unsafe road conditions, use your own judgment about picking your child up early.  Absences and early dismissals due to weather conditions will be excused and we will help students make up any work missed.

Genesis 8:22 tells us that God established the seasons.  Let’s enjoy the changes we encounter and work together for the safety of everyone.




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